TEAMS 2020: U-15


Max number of teams in group U-15: 32
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TEAMS U-15 : 

1. Pajala Hockey Club (Sweden)
2. Buldogs (Russia)
3. Team Hungary (Hungary) 
4. Koovee I (Finland)
5. HC Panter (Estonia)
6. HCT Young Lions (Switzerland)
7. World Stars Academy (Norway)
8. Tordon Orange (Sweden)
9. Team HC Sierre (Switzerland)
10. Lannen Kiekko P05 (Finland)
11. HC Klaipeda (Lithuania)
12. Kloten Young Flyers (Switzerland)
13. Jelgavas LSS (Latvia)
14. HK Ozolnieki Juniors (Latvia)
15. West Coast Hockey (Sweden)
16. Titaanit /KY-80 White (Finland)
17. Titaanit /KY-80 Black (Finland)
18. HS Kurbads (Latvia)
19. Ogre Juniors (Latvia)
20. Pārdaugava (Latvia)
21. Sweden Warriors (Sweden)
22. Team HC Sierre Rouge (Switzerland)
23. Liepāja SSS (Latvia)
24. MH Automatyka Ziętara Eagles (Poland)
25. HC Lida (Belarus)
26. HS Rīga (Latvia)
27. EVU (Finland)
28. TuTo (Finland)
29. North Select (blue) (Russia)
30. North Select (grey) (Russia)
31. “SALUTE” Germany Select (Germany)
32. HC Dragon Thun (Switzerland)




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