It’s our aim to provide first-class hockey tournament in Riga, as well as perfect arrangements! The biggest Hockey Tournament in EuropeRIGA HOCKEY CUP 2019 – will be held in several new and modern arenas.


Adress: Jūrmalas gatve 78d – Riga, Jūrmalas  iela – Piņķi

There is no special tourist attraction in the area. There are 2 large grocery stores located on the main road and approx 5 minutes walking from the Arena.

Train station Imante is nearby and serving beach city Jurmala.

Volvo Arena can be reached with busses 4 and 8 from the city center (Avalon hotel).

Also bus 53 is serving Volvo Arena.


Adress: „Ledus halle” – Piņķi (Babītes pag., Babītes novads)

This Arena is in a suburb of Riga and no tourist attractions nearby. The center of the small village of Pinki is approx 10 – 15 minutes walking. Over there you can find a grocery store.

Inbox Arena can be reached with bus number 4 from Volvo Arena and also from the city center (Avalon hotel).

Also bus 32 (from the city center) is serving Pinki.

Ozo Halle
Address: Stadiona iela 5b – Ozolnieki

The arena is located in Ozolnieki (approx 35 km outside Riga). The city of Jelgava is close by (just 6 km away). It is a small town without any tourist attraction.
There is a grocery store on walking distance.

OZO Arena (Ozolnieki) can be reached by mini bus (16 persons – platform 21) from the International bus station. Bus runs twice an hour and it takes approx 50 minutes.
Rate is approx Euro 5.00 – 6.00 per one way.

Mogo Arena(PSL)
Adress:  Brīvības gatve 333 – Rīga

This Arena is located on the other side of the town. You can catch bus 1 over there to visit the open air museum. Furthermore the largest shopping mall, Alfa Centr, is located almost on the opposite side of the road.

Mogo Arena is served by tramways (3 and 6 from the center) and busses 1, 14 and 40. Most of them have a stop in the city center near Avalon hotel.

Kurbads arena
Address: Lidlauka iela 37, Rumbula – Riga

Address: Skautu iela 2, Jelgava, LV-3002

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